The Quay—Award for Mixed Uses Development 2015

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Through multi-rounds competition, the Quay Haymarket developed by Ausbao Pty Ltd outstood among other 24 nominated projects in the 2015 Development Excellent Awards Ceremony held by Urban Taskforces, a nationwide urban planning and development association, and was honored as “Mixed Uses Development 2015”. This achievement recognizes the excellence of The Quay project in terms of its high quality and potential impact on the local community and lifestyle, while delivers the image of Chinese Developers positively to the local residential market.

The 2015 Urban Taskforces awards were presented across 11 different categories such as “Development of the year”, “Innovative Development”, ”Retail Development” , ”High Density Development” and so forth. The shortlist nominated by the judging panel was selected across the nation, which includes Meriton Group’s Epping Park, Grocon’s Swanston Square Apartments and Frasers Property Australia’s Central Park Stage 2 etc. The winners of the 2015 Development Excellence Awards have demonstrated innovative new looks for iconic apartment buildings, while achieve the best outcomes in terms of client requirements, environment, business and community considerations as well as time, cost and quality.
In order to maintain the professionalism of the competition, Urban Taskforces also invited Peter Poulet-NSW Government Architect as the jury chair and other elites from relevant industries to join the judging panel this year. The 24 nominated projects among hundreds of submissions satisfy all of the criteria in terms of commercial success, community benefit, environmental and ecological sustainability, client satisfaction, high quality, innovation, urban design and architectural merit and so forth.  Mr. Poulet said, “I am encouraged by the flowering of creative spirit that is coming through in this year’s awards particularly with apartment buildings. It seems that consumers are now looking for buildings with personality.”

The achievement of The Quay successfully creates a milestone for Chinese developers in Australia. This project represents a successful implementation of the whole process of the residential property development for Chinese developers undertook in Australia. The award also recognized the crucial role of the Ausbao in making a new development an outstanding success, while further enhanced popularity and the brand image of the Ausbao in the local market.