The Grand Release of BCDH Longhu • Spring Shore

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On June 26th, 2016, a residential project named BCDH Longhu • Spring Shore in the city of Xiamen is officially commenced to sale. It covers total construction area of 440,000 square meters of which 287,000 square meters are available for sale. The major products presented are high-rise apartments, high-rise compound apartments and overlapped villas. Construction period of this project is planned to divide into 3 parts. 

Sales center hall is crowded in the opening day and 330 suites of overlapped villas of 14 units covering construction area of 43105 square meters were put to the market and 270 suites of 34300 square meters construction area valued 1.4 billion Yuan (44000 Yuan per square meters) are sold out at once. 

BCDH Longhu • Spring Shore has harvested a fruitful results from the very start, which lays the foundation for routine and scheduled development as well as considerable return rate. Under the leadership of parent company, BCDH Xiamen subsidiary devote to strengthen friendly partnership, raise team-work awareness and draw on past experiences by which the capacity of management and control is bound to be improved. More importantly, all of us will make joint and constant efforts to realize the total income of not less than 10 billion Yuan, creating greater benefits for the holding company.