High-Level Talks between SHOKAI and CONCORD

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April 2017, with the full support of SHOKAI GROUP, Capital Holding (International) Limited, a second-tier subsidiary of SHOKAI, established a partnership and cooperation with CONCORDPACIFIC, the largest community builder in Canada, to develop the Concord Brentwood 1B project.

On 24th of May, Chairman Terry Xu of CONCORD PACIFIC and his delegation visited the headquarters of SHOKAI GROUP. Mr. Pan Liqun, the Chairman of SHOKAI,Mr. Yang Wenkan, the GM of BEIJING CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., a second-tier subsidiary of SHOKAI GROUP, and Mr. Gao Xinyong, Deputy GM of SHOKAI held an amicable meeting with CONCORD.

During the meeting, Mr. Gao Xinyong briefed the distinguished guests on SHOKAI’s domestic and overseas business as well as its development strategy. Mr. Pan Liqun, on behalf of SHOKAI GROUP, extended a warm welcome to the CONCORD delegation for having come this far. He thoroughly agreed that the cooperation between both sides, which follows the principal of better coordination in pursuing the "bring in" and "go global", is mutually beneficial and facilitates communication, exchanges and cooperation; both companies intensely discussed the new cooperative project.

Furthermore, during Chairman Terry Xu’s business trip, he visited SHOKAI﹒▪Langyue and SHOKAITangsong, two of SHOKAI’s featured high-end residential projects in Beijing. He gave his complimentary remarks on both SHOKAI’s brand and projects as well as recognized SHOKAI as a leader in the domestic real estate industry in terms of its comprehensive strength. Chairman Xu also hoped that SHOKAI and CONCORD would both make an effort to explore more joint opportunities, in order for both companies to enjoy a brighter future.