SHOKAI Lang-Yue, Successful Handing out the Keys to Owners

Time:Jun 12, 2017 17:14 PM From: Author: Font size:BigMiddleSmall Print

Following the completion of the SHOKAI Lang-Yue houses, in the space of the 7 days between 18th and 25th of May; the first 200 jubilant owners have moved into their new home.

In order to ensure that the new family moved in smoothly, all arranged services were carried out in advance with great details. In the process of handing out the keys, the service staff worked precisely and without confusion, helping the owners comfortably go through all the formalities.

The SHOKAI Lang-Yue project, one of a series of high-end residential development entitled “Yue”, has become one of the calling cards of the company. SHOKAI Lang-Yue, which opened sales in 2015, has been in great demand. Furthermore, the project has been recognized for its innovative design.