Build Reliable Real Estate Group


“Developing Real Estate with Responsibility”is the essence of BCDH’s corporate philosophy. It gives a strategic emphasis to corporate responsibility, using it to guide business operation and development. In addition to being a core philosophy of the company,“Developing Real Estate with Responsibility”also highlights BCDH’s past experience in management and development. 


  • Business Performance as a Guarantee to High Social Responsibility

    BCDH’s total assets have exceeded RMB 100 billion. Its annual starting/restarting construction area amounts to more than 9 million square meters, and its property management and developer-owned properties operation areas reach 22 million and 1 million square meters respectively. These figures place BCDH among the best performing developers in China in terms of comprehensive strength.

  • Outstanding Product and Service Quality as a Foundation of High Social Responsibility

    To provide high-quality products and services to meet the demand of consumers is the foundation of the corporate philosophy. Since its establishment, BCDH has built a wide range of high-quality complexes, which include large-scale communities such as Fangzhuang and Wangjing, renovated boutique compounds such as Hubeikou and the Kaiyangli, as well as quality affordable housing compounds such as Huilongguan and Tonghuijiayuan. Those quality complexes provide a solid foundation for the carrying out of social responsibility.

  • Attention on Society and Livelihood as the Core of High Social Responsibility

    BCDH values society and people’s livelihood and strives to make a different as a highly conscientious developer.
    (1). BCDH developed a number of key national projects, such as the National Stadium, the Olympic Village, Shunyi Water Park, Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center and the Paralympic Sports Stadium.
    (2). BCDH proudly built Huilongguan, the country’s largest affordable housing community, Kaiyangli, Beijing’s largest renovated compound, and Tonghuijiayuan, Beijing’s earliest affordable housing community.
    (3). Moreover, BCDH organizes annual donation and voluntary activities to help, among others, Taiyangcun Children’s Village school, Zhangbei Hope Primary School and Heishanzhai School.

  • Building Low-carbon Communities as a Way to Fulfill High Social Responsibility

    BCDH is dedicated to the building of low-carbon green communities. The Olympic Village exemplifies this effort in that it applied new technology, new material, new technique, and new equipment to the building process. BCDH is committed to becoming a model of environmental innovation and green developer, creating an ecological, healthy and sustainable low-carbon human living environment.

  • Standardized Operation and Management as an Important Element to High Social Responsibility

    Standardized operation and management is the basis for business development. Since its establishment, BCDH has strengthened internal management, standardized the workforce, improved management mechanism, and unified the production and service standards. Such measures enable BCDH to promote its marketization, deepen reform and restructuring, and maintain the stability of the company. In addition to internal optimization, BCDH strives to protect the interests of consumers, safeguard the rights and benefits of investors and small to medium-sized shareholders, and strictly subject itself to social and regulatory oversight.